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COVID 19 - Book your holiday with peace of mind

Following the latest government announcements, the presentation of the health pass becomes mandatory from now on. For more information, click here.

COVID 19 - Relaxation of the General Sales Conditions for the 2021 season.
- Administrative closure of the campsite: refund of sums paid (including deposit).
- Closure of the borders, limitation of travels, positive customer to the Covid-19: refund of sums paid (including deposit), 
issuance of a credit note (valid for 2 years) or postponement of the stay (Conditions of relaxation on medical or administrative proof).





Health and hygiene measures: your safety first and foremost

BLEU SOLEIL makes the following 10 commitments to its customers :

1. To respect the recommendations of the health authorities with regard to COVID-19 ;

2. Communicate on the preventive measures to be put in place to deal with the risks of transmission of COVID-19 ;

3. Train our employees in barrier gestures and health standards and provide them with protective equipment ;

4. Put in place signage encouraging social distancing of 1.50 m in reception areas ;

5. Offer hydroalcoholic gel to clients and staff in common areas ;

6. Reinforce the cleaning and disinfection of accommodation and common areas with cleaning and disinfecting products and ensure that mobile homes are ventilated before the accommodation is made available ;

7. Simplify arrival procedures ;

8. Establish and apply reinforced access and health safety instructions specific to the play areas (swimming pools and children's playgrounds) in accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities ;

9. Deploy the health control plan in all eating areas in accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities ;

10. Apply the risk management protocol in the event of suspicion of contagion to COVID-19 in a client's or an employee's premises in accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities.

The Bleu Soleil campsite also undertakes to respect the instructions of Health afety protocol (campsite and residential parks).


Our recommendations and information for a successful stay

At BLEU SOLEIL, holidays are sacred! Every year, we put all our heart into offering you the most beautiful holidays there is.
This year will be no exception!
For a stay combining serenity and safety, follow the guide :)
It's the day of the big departure !

Before you pack your suitcases to find us, don't forget to :

  • Hydroalcoholic gel and masks for the whole family, these will be compulsory inside the shops for your safety and that of our staff ;
  • A beach mattress for the deckchairs in the swimming areas. We recommend that you use one of these as part of the "preventive measures", but this is not obligatory ;
  • And of course, your swimming costume! Please note that only briefs, swimming trunks, one and two-piece swimming costumes are allowed in our aquatic areas.
A peaceful arrival
  • Because your holiday starts as soon as you set foot on the campsite, we are committed to ensuring that there is always someone to welcome you, whatever your arrival time.
  • To ensure everyone's safety, we would like to thank you for waiting outside for a reception desk to become available.
  • For payment, we invite you to use credit card payment and to give preference to contactless payment whenever possible, via a mobile payment application. If you wish, we can send you your invoice by e-mail.


Barrier gestures to be respected

For a few months now, barrier gestures have been an integral part of our daily lives. Don't lose your good habits during your holidays :)

Coronavirus: barrier gestures to protect yourself and others

  • Wash your hands very regularly ;
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow or into a handkerchief ;
  • Use a disposable handkerchief and then throw it away ;
  • Salute without shaking hands, stop hugging.
  • Wear your mask in all enclosed spaces within the campsite

Do you have questions about Coronavirus?



Clean and disinfected accommodation
  • Please note that to ensure your safety even in your living area, we have reinforced the cleaning and disinfection of the accommodation and common areas. To do this, we use cleaning and disinfecting products and ensure that the mobile home or chalet is ventilated before being put at your disposal.
  • Sheets and towels for rent are cleaned by specialised companies. These companies scrupulously comply with the government's regulations concerning the sanitary crisis.
  • We advise you to air your accommodation frequently during your stay.


Frequently cleaned communal sanitary facilities
  • As soon as you enter the sanitary facilities, we ask you to wash your hands with water and soap or hydro-alcoholic gel provided.
  • We have reinforced the cleaning and disinfection of the common areas and the collective sanitary facilities.
  • Please do not park in the corridors of the toilets and respect the rules of social distancing.
  • Please note that we will also provide you with equipment if you wish to disinfect the points you may come into contact with.


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