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The Lascaux Cave

Located near the village of Montignac, 30 minutes away from Camping Bleu Soleil, you will find the replica of the Lascaux Cave, France’s most famous cave.

The history of the original cave

The original cave was discovered by chance by four teenagers in 1940 and became a listed historical monument that year. 1900 animals have been painted or engraved in the rock, going back to around 18,000 BC. The cave is divided into 7 rooms over 150 metres: the Hall of the Bulls, the Axial Gallery, the Passageway, the Nave, the Chamber of the Felines, the Apse and the Shaft.

The original cave was closed to the public in 1963 in order to preserve the artworks. In 1983, a replica was opened 200 metres away from the original. You will find the faithful reproduction of 90% of the original painted scenes (including aurochs, licorns, men …) and will even be able to feel the cool atmosphere of a cave.

Guided visit only (40 minutes). Tickets are not sold at the entrance of the cave and must be bought beforehand in the village Montignac.