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Préhistoparc and National museum of Prehistory

Travel back in time and discover how our ancestors lived. Located only 20 minutes away from Camping Bleu Soleil.



Catering for families, this prehistoric park offers life-size scenes of the daily life of the Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon men. Both entertaining and educational, this prehistoric park will allow you to discover their habitat, the way they hunted, the way they cut up reindeers, their engravings and cave paintings…

In a Magdalena hut, a video film will show you the evolution of Man and their way of life.

Several workshops are open, for example you will be able to attend a flint cutting demonstration, a demonstration on how to make fire, and even to take part in an initiation into hunting with a throwing stick.

For more information: http://prehistoparc.fr/


National museum of Prehistory

Located in the village of Eyziès de Tayac, this museum will nicely supplement visits to the caves and Prehistoparc.

It provides the most extensive collection of Palaeolithic artefacts in France with unrivalled archaeological collections (tools, artworks …). There are over 18,000 artefacts - originating locally or from around France – chronologically-based starting from the oldest discoveries of the Palaeolithic era and the settlement of hunters-gatherers in Aquitaine (400,000 B.C.) all the way to the end of the ice ages (around 10,000 B.C)

For more information: http://musee-prehistoire-eyzies.fr/fr/