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Exceptionnal gardens

A touch of nature in your stay…

The temperate climate of the Dordogne is good for all sorts of plantations, which makes very different types of gardens.

The parks and the gardens of the Dordogne, no matter if they are French, English, contemporaneous or exotic, you will be pleasantly surprised by their elegance.

The gardens of the imagination are spread over 6 hectares, and offer 13 new vieuws retracing the story of the gardens of the world.

Facing the castle of Castelnaud, the gardens of the castle of Marqueyssac are punctuated like labyrinths, green chambers, chapels, and cabins made of dry stones.

The gardens of the Manoir d’Eyrignac are an interpretation of the French gardens with more than 300 species of sculptured hedges topiary cut.

Source photos : Wikimedia Commons

Crédits-photos : Sail Over (n°1 et 2), Patrick Giraud (n°3), Viault (n°4)